The Case for Adding Scala

By | February 8, 2014

Scala is a language that I have been examining for awhile. Early on the library versioning issues really turned me off, but the seem to have been solved. It’s also a very large language that requires programmer discipline to not abuse. Twitter has been a big proponent of Scala and the Effective Scala document is… Read More »

Making A Living in the App Store

By | November 18, 2012

TL;DR – Starting a business is hard and most fail. The NYC has posted an interesting article about the app store boom.  The article focuses on a couple that bet everything on developing a business around making apps.  While I agree with the articles premise that making a living on the app store is a… Read More »

Stop SOPA!

By | January 13, 2012

This issue is too important to ignore so I’ve been trying to build a post that explains what SOPA is and why it is not the answer.  Turns out that Tim O’Reilly has recently given an interview about why SOPA isn’t needed and should be stopped.  As a publisher who benefits from copyright, he explains… Read More »

Emacs Org-Mode

By | December 6, 2011

As a vi and vim user I had never come across emacs org-mode until yesterday.  I’ve spent the last couple days fitting it into my project and task workflow and must say that I am really impressed.  Traditionally whenever I have tried to use project management or task tracking software it would always get in… Read More »

Resting and Working

By | December 6, 2011

People who write software are using their creativity to solve problems.  I compare it to writing using a very precise language and grammar to express a story to the user.  I came across this video over at the 99%.  In it Tony Schwartz, author of “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working“, relates athletic performance to… Read More »

UITextField Format For Currency Revisited

By | December 2, 2011

Since my first post on formatting a UITextField with proper currency symbols and separators I think I have learned a lot more about objective-c and more importantly the UI components provided by Apple.  In this article I will revisit how to format a UITextField with the correct currency symbol and grouping separators. The original goal… Read More »

Hello World Version 2.0

By | November 28, 2011

What a crazy year.  So the blog kind of fell off as work got really busy along with life.  Now that I have gotten life back to a normal pace I plan to resume writing both the blog and some new iPhone apps.  I have a few ideas kicking around and will be working on… Read More »

What Language To Learn First?

By | May 20, 2010

When looking at various programming forums I see this question over and over. Many responders usually jump in suggesting languages from C to Java to Ruby to Lisp. Well, maybe not Lisp but you get the point. The problem with so quickly answering the above question is that I think the answer is: dependent on… Read More »

Objective-C Protocols and Delegates

By | May 8, 2010

My earlier article about building a currency formatter for a UITextField generated a few comments and some confusion about how to use delegates in iPhone programming. In this article/tutorial I hope to clear up any confusion and tie it back to using the the currency formatter with the UITextField. What Is A Protocol? The Apple… Read More »